faq-foodCan I bring my own food?

Our charters will allow you to bring your own food on board to enjoy throughout the trip. Most charters will also provide you with a light meal and drinks throughout the day but it’s a good idea to bring some snacks along for the ride.

faq-foodWhat do I need to bring?

The only things you need to bring with you on your charter adventure is a hat, sunglasses, camera, soft soled shoes, sunscreen (Most vessels have some on board) and a jacket if the weather is cooler.

faq-foodCan I Keep all the fish I catch?

You can keep all legal sized fish that you catch as long as they are within the bag limits set by regualtors. Of course you can release your catch if you don’t want to keep it. Unfortunately due to new laws the crew on board are not allowed to fillet the fish at sea anymore and most of the time will not be able to fillet them once ashore either.

faq-foodWhat is supplied on the charters?

The charters supply all fishing equipment, bait, ice, fish bins, toilets and comfortable seating. Most charters will also have sunscreen but it is best to pack some just in case. Some of the vessels will also have refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines and more. If there is something you need to know about a certain charter don’t hesitate to ask us.

faq-foodAm I guaranteed to catch fish?

Unfortunately there is no way that we can offer you a guarantee. It is a very rare occasion when nothing is caught but it can happen. Remember you are paying for a charter to head out to known fishing locations and use the vessel to attempt to catch fish. There are no refunds if nothing is caught on the day.

faq-fishingI have never fished before. Will this be a problem?

No way! The crew and skippers of all our charter vessels are here to enusre you have a great time. They will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to get fishing. First time fishers are made to feel as welcome as the regulars.

faq-seasickWill I get seasick?

Unfortunately there is no way we can tell who will and won’t get seasick. If you are a first timer it may be best to visit the chemist before you depart to get some seasick tablets. Refraining from a big night out at your local prior to your charter is a also a good idea.

faq-drinkDo you provide drinks?

Most charters will have a supply of soft drinks and water available for the trip. However it is reccomended to bring any extra drinks you may want or need.

faq-drinkCan I bring alcohol?

Most charters don’t mind you having a couple of drinks on board as long as you are responsible. This is going to depend on the individual charter so if you are wanting to bring alcohol please let us know and we will see what we can organise. If a large group are going out for a party, it is best to look at booking the whole boat for the day.

faq-drinkDo we head out in bad weather?

The charter boats will not go out in heavy winds or high seas. This makes the trip uncomfortable for everyone and they really are not ideal fishing conditions. However the charters will not normally be cancelled due to rain. Cancellation policies are in place and we will always make sure to contact you with enough time to let you know if the charter has been cancelled.

faq-weatherHow safe are we on the vessel?

All our charter crews are trained in 1st aid and all circumstances if something was to go wrong. All vessels have life jackets and inflatable life rafts in case they are needed. You are extremely safe on the charter boat.

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