Deep End Fishing Charters

Glen Hayden is the new owner and skipper of Deep End Fishing Charters. Glen has over 20 years experience in the Fishing Industry, and can take you to all of our spots on the Mooloolaba Offshore Reefs to hook up…Mooloolaba fishing Charters have never been this easy!

At different times of the year you may also spot dolphins, whales & sometimes even sharks adding to the excitement of your trip.

We can teach you how to attract different fish species and let you know about the best seasons to catch them. Choosing the right time of day, sea and weather conditions is important for catching fish.
Fish will more readily take the bait during their natural feeding times. These times are governed by the position of the sun, moon, tides and currents.



  • 32ft Heavy Duty constructed vessel
  • Dry storage for bags and valuables
  • Full clears that protect from any weather
  • Fishing Rods and Gear Provided
  • Premium fish finding technology and gear
  • Full safety gear on-board
  • Large covered fishing deck with plenty of room
  • Non slip deck and dry footing
  • Wide selection of lures

Deep End Pricing


All our charters have a cancellation policy that can be read here.

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Deep End Charters


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