What We Do

At Mooloolaba Fishing Charters we have a variety of experienced skippers that are just waiting to take you on a fishing adventure of a lifetime.

What makes us differen’t from other charter sites is we will help you to choose the exact charter you need.  Are you looking to target sports fish?, how about a group booking like a Bucks Party or Birthday?   We also cater any corportate events and we wil try to accommodate any other event you may have.  All our charters are different and choosing the right one can be a daunting task.  So let us help you out and supply you with all the information you will need for any of our charters.

We make sure you have the perfect charter before we book it in ensuring a great trip everytime.  All you need to do is tell us the dates you are looking for, how many people you have and any special requirements and we will send you all the information we have.

Most charters offer half days, three-quarter days and full days alongside some special trips such as twighlight and night fishing.  Of course it all depends on the season and what fish are being caught.  Luckily our skippers know where and when to target the best species and our experienced Deck Hands will help you out wherever is needed.


If you have not been charter fishing before, never fear as we love working with learners. Our experienced Deck Hands and Skippers will look after you well and ensure you are having just as much fun as everybody else.

However there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration.

Do You Get Sea Sick?

There are many ways of preventing Sea Sickness and everybody is treated differently. Here is a very useful blog on preventing being sick.

Have You Got Your Sea Legs?

Are you worried about wobbling all over the boat? Don’t worry too much on this as it happens to everyone. Waves move us around a bit but you will get used to it very quickly and probably won’t notice it for long.

Does The Length of the Trip Bother You?

Remember when booking you charter that you are going to be out at sea for at least half a day. We only turn back for emergnecies or weather. Boredom is not something we will go back to land for.
For more information regarding Fishing Charters read our FAQ or get in contact with us regarding any questions.


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